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It’s a new year and an opportunity to pursue healthy changes in your life. Whether you have other New Year’s resolutions or not, now is an ideal time to step into the year with your pet by creating healthy goals you can both share. Pursuing these New Year goals with your pet can bring additional health and happiness into both of your lives. 

Find a New Hobby With Your Pet

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As adults, finding a new hobby can seem daunting and scary. Pursuing a new path takes courage, but is always easier with the company of a partner. Consider a new adventure this year with your pet by your side. Your devoted pet will be ready to tackle your New Year’s goals with the passion and support that only a pet can give. Choose a hobby with your pet from our list to get you started, or come up with one on your own. Whether your pet participates or just hangs out will depend on the activity and is up to you. Here are a few ideas:

  • Hiking 
  • Biking
  • Running or walking
  • Nature photography, painting, or videography
  • Join a local sports team such as kickball
  • Hula hooping, juggling, or other flow arts
  • Knitting, writing, or other mobile craft
  • Gardening
  • Fishing
  • Birdwatching
  • Foraging
  • Camping

Create a Self-Care Routine with Your Pet

man with dog in lap making new year routines

Dogs and cats are excellent at routines and can help you create a self-care routine that will improve your daily life and health. Taking care of yourself and your pet, side-by-side, can help you create routines that last all year long and beyond. 

Pets thrive in routine and will let you know when they’re hungry or sleepy. As an experienced pet parent, you know this well. They have excellent internal clocks that they follow very closely for eating, sleeping, and grooming themselves. We suggest taking a cue from them, and creating a schedule-based routine for healthy mornings and evenings. Your pets will help you stay on track and take the best care of yourself. How can you include your pet in times of the day that are usually focused on just you? Bundle tasks together for easier completion and bonding with your pet. Try these ideas:

  • Cuddle with your pet during your morning wake-up routine–whether that’s meditation, journaling, or quiet coffee and reading time. Your pet may want to lay next to you, or simply be in the same room. Let them know you want them nearby as you begin your day.
  • Have breakfast together. When you’re ready to eat, put your pet’s breakfast down, too. This small routine will ensure you eat in the morning to get your day started on the right paw.
  • Keep a pet grooming brush in the bathroom. When you’re about to start your daily care routine, brush your pet a few times to include them as part of your daily “grooming” practice. Do this before getting yourself cleaned up for the day, or add it to your nighttime routine.
  • In the evening, include your pet’s dinnertime alongside yours if you’re able, just as with breakfast.
  • Include your pet’s care practices alongside your own, as you’re winding down from your day. This could include a walk, rest time, or any other task. 

Pursue a Healthier Diet with Your Pet

puppy in food bowl cute better pet diet

As many strive for greater health these days, the loss of a few pounds, and a clearer head, you may be considering eating a healthier diet. Both animals and people benefit from cleaner diets, with the consumption of less processed foods and more vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. As you begin to add more healthy and fresh foods to your own daily diet, discuss with your veterinarian which vegetables would be best for your pet and how to add them to a pet’s daily diet. It may also be time to consider a more nutritious and healthier pet food, with the help of your veterinary team here at Bayside. A better brand of pet food will nourish your pet and help them live a longer, happier life by your side.

Better Dental Care for Your Pet and You

Nobody enjoys going to the dentist, but the reality is that many diseases start in the mouth. For both pets and humans, periodontal disease can brew bacteria that spread in the body and affect tissues, organs, and bodily functions. This year is the perfect time to get your pet in for a dental cleaning appointment, as well as yourself. Ensure there aren’t any cavities or other serious issues that could impact your overall health. We’ll take care of all of your pet’s dental care needs, while you make plans to see your personal dentist. 

Pet Health in The New Year at Bayside Animal Hospital

We’re here to make a pet dental visit or any pet wellness visit in the Galveston Bay Area as easy as possible. We have caring processes and training in place to help your pet remain as comfortable as possible throughout the duration of their visit to see us. If you have any questions about local pet care, pet dental, or other pet wellness considerations, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re here when you need us.