Annual Fourth of July fireworks and barbeques are a beloved tradition in our community, but the holiday can be tremendously stressful for pets. Even with many public displays canceled this year due to COVID-19, pets are prone to being startled and running through any exit due to the loud bangs and popping noises from fireworks. Independence Day celebrations are fun for humans, but it’s best if pets are safe at home and kept under the watchful eye of pet parents and guests. These simple Fourth of July pet safety tips will help you keep your cat or dog safe this Independence Day.

Create a Safe Space for Pets

cute dog on fluffy carpet

Anxious pets are likely to experience more stress during fireworks or get-togethers. We suggest keeping them secured in a quiet part of the house with some water, a few treats, and a cozy bed. Putting on calming music can help, too. If your pet is severely anxious, be sure to speak your veterinarian about ways to help your pet with anxiety.

If you prefer to avoid pet medications, talk to us about trying a non-medicinal route, such as a ThunderShirt, which can help calm pets by providing comforting compression for both cats and dogs. These can be useful for pet safety on the Fourth of July, and are also helpful for calming pets during other events, too. Bach’s Rescue Remedy for pets can also be helpful for pets with noise aversion and stress during the Fourth of July gatherings. Have questions? Call us and ask.

Keep Exits Locked

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Holiday pet safety guides tend to overlook the importance of sealing off exits and, whenever possible, keeping pets out of the commotion. Ensure that your gates and doors are all locked to prevent your scared cat or dog from running out of the house or yard and getting lost. More pets are lost on the Fourth of July than most other holidays, due to fireworks.

Pets are also more likely to run away when people are frequently coming in and out of the house. If you are hosting a gathering and expect heavy foot traffic, ensure that your pet is kept away from the doors and closed off somewhere safe. If your pet is out and about during your gathering, make sure guests stay aware of pets at all times when going in or out.

Update Identification Tags and Microchips

Before any event that could result in a lost pet, make sure your pet’s collar tags are updated with current information. Also have recent photos on-hand, just in case your pets do get out. It’s best if microchip information has been recently updated, too, just in case any contact information has changed in the last year or two. Lost Fourth of July pets have a much better chance of being reunited with owners if all of their ID methods are up-to-date.

Keep Pet Health Hazards Out-of-Reach

black and white dog sniffing bowl of cookies on table

Lots of things go unattended during parties that slip under the radar of the most prepared pet owners. Make sure to avoid exposing your pet to any of these hazards this Independence Day:

  • Alcohol, chocolate, xylitol, and other foods that are toxic to pets
  • Cigarettes, vape pens, lighters, and matches
  • Sparklers, fireworks, and glow sticks
  • Charcoal
  • Skewers, plastic cups, and other disposable items

Fourth of July Pet Safety for Everyone

Protecting your furry family members can take some prep work, but is worth it to keep your fur babies safe and healthy. With a little planning and help from your vet, it can become second nature.

Holiday pet safety is one of our passions here at Bayside, as it prevents many pet accidents and injuries. At our Kemah Animal Hospital, we offer a wide range of services to keep your pet safe, healthy, and happy throughout the year. Contact us anytime with questions about pet care and wellness.