When it comes to new pets, nobody cares more than our team here at Bayside Animal Hospital. With caring hearts and educated minds, we have the attentive patience and expertise to help you create the happiest and healthiest life for your pets. It can take some time for pets to adjust to your home and become comfortable in social situations, both with other pets and people. Here’s how we suggest helping your pet adjust and socialize once they arrive in your new home.

Introduce Pets Slowly to Other Pets

Even amongst all the excitement and love we have for new pets, change can be scary for them. When bringing new pets home for the first time, it’s important to ease them into the new space and both slowly and safely. Especially with other pets. Patience is key, and we suggest taking very small steps to get them accumulated in order to avoid mishaps, potential injuries, or worse.  Start with having newly introduced pets simply see and notice each other, but don’t have them interact. Introduce them slowly over a few days or weeks, always with attentive supervision just in case a pet gets scared or aggressive. If they do, quickly remove them from the situation. 

Introduce New People to Your Pets One at at Time

cat cuddling with child

Introduce new puppies or kittens to members of your home one person at a time, starting with the adults. Be sure to put any other pets away and do this slowly and carefully. While everyone wants to pet or hold a new pet immediately, moving slowly and taking your time is essential. Before introducing new puppies or kittens to children, be sure to go over safety rules with children so they’re prepared and know the signs of an anxious or frightened pet. It’s important that children know what not to do – like pull hair or whiskers, and that they’re aware of how pets might react if they’re hurt or scared. 

Give New Pets Their Own Space

When you’re not supervising your pet during those first few days (and sometimes weeks) in the new home, it can be a good idea to place your new pet in their own comfortable space, such as a spare bedroom. Kennels, crates, and pet beds can also be used to establish a feeling of safety and comfort during this time. Make sure the space has fresh water for them to drink and that it has plenty of cozy blankets, pillows, and toys to play with. Having a separate room and space for a new pet can provide a calming place and peace of mind for a new pet. They’ll be able to rest without worry about other pets or people in your home. 

Socialize Your Pets Outside the Home

white dog resting during a walk with a leach and harness

New pets will learn how to socialize and behave by interacting with other pets. Getting them out into the world to interact with new pets and people will help them to become much more comfortable around new people, places, and smells. The best time to socialize your new pet is while they’re still a puppy or kitten. During this time, they’re more open to new things. While home is a great place to get started, pets can become accustomed and comfortable, and become afraid of strangers as they age. They may develop a tendency to bark or become aggressive in social situations. Avoid this by having pet play dates with friends, taking dogs for regular walks, or visiting a nearby dog park.

Protect Your Pets with Vaccinations

As always, be sure to keep your furry friends up-to-date on their vaccinations in order to protect them from illness and disease. Otherwise, they can easily pick up germs from other pets, nature, dirt, plants, insects, and parasites that can make them sick. Talk to our team about the best pet immunizations for your pet to protect them while they’re adventuring out in the world with you.

Create a Social Pet Routine

two cute dogs playing tug of war with a toy

Once your pet becomes accustomed to everyone at home, they’ll get used to their daily routine and everyone in it. Things will be comfortable and safe. It’s important to get new pets out and about, and still expose them to social situations with outside people, pets and smells. Be sure to continue to take them on adventures as they age. They’ll stay friendly, kind, and engaged with the world. Isolated pets can easily become comfortable at home and start developing some of those negative and aggressive habits we mentioned earlier. 

If you have any questions about socializing your new pet, vaccinations, or other new pet topics, be sure to contact our team at Bayside Animal Hospital. We look forward to seeing you here at Bayside in Kemah, Texas during your pet’s next wellness visit.