As locals here in Kemah, Texas, we are fortunate to enjoy warm weather throughout autumn with our pets. The season’s turn still marks a vital reminder to revisit our pets’ health and preventive care. At Bayside Animal Hospital, we believe that pet wellness is a way of life for owners and their four-legged friends. Our veterinary services ensure that you have access to everything your pet needs to stay happy and healthy, no matter the season. As you get ready to carve pumpkins and plan Thanksgiving dinner, here are some fall pet health and wellness tips to keep in mind.

Fall Pet Parasite Prevention

Bugs are a threat year-round, and it’s important to remember to use the end of summer as a reminder for your pet’s parasite prevention. Fall pet safety isn’t complete without a personalized flea, tick, & parasite treatment. There are many options available that are suitable for various breeds of cats and dogs, and we can provide recommendations on how to prevent parasites, fleas, and other bugs from infesting your pet and home.

Clean Pet Bedding

sleepy black cat with white paws napping on clean sheets

When was the last time you washed your pet’s bed? Even if they prefer to doze on the couch, the transition to autumn is an excellent time to toss their favorite blankets, bedding, and anything else they commonly use into the washer for a thorough cleaning. A good washing removes bacteria, hair, dirt, and allergens that build up over the summer. It’s ideal to wash a pet’s bedding at least once a month, but long-haired cats and dogs may benefit from weekly pet bedding washes, depending on how active they are and how often they’re outdoors.

A Wellness Checkup for your Pet

Regular wellness visits are an essential part of early detection of many common but highly treatable illnesses that cats and dogs can develop. For puppies and kittens, these fall pet check-ups ensure that their growing bodies are developing correctly. Planning a wellness visit should be your first step when you’re brainstorming your autumn pet health and wellness checklist.

Fall Pet Grooming

black dog laying in leaves between owner's feet

Grooming strategies for pets in fall can help remove burs, sticks, leaves, dirt, and other debris from the fur as the seasons change. Shedding will also kick in soon, so it’s important to schedule a grooming appointment to have your pet’s fur trimmed and to remove their excess summer coat. You can also invest in some at-home grooming supplies that will make it easy to maintain your pet’s fur and keep less of it from roaming around your house as the seasons change. 

A New Pet Exercise Routine for Fall

Cats and dogs alike need plenty of exercise to stay physically fit and mentally healthy. Fitness needs vary from breed to breed and each individual pet. Does your pet spend enough time outdoors, getting fresh air and stretching their legs? Fall pet exercise may provide a break from the heat and opportunities to include a few new activities such as longer walks outside, playing fetch in the backyard, or just tossing some seasonal toys around the living room. All pet exercise and outdoor fall pet activities will contribute to a comprehensive fitness plan that contributes to your pet’s health and wellness all year long.

New Toys

cute brown puppy playing in leaves with new red toy ball

Pet’s toys should be updated every few months for proper enrichment and mental stimulation. For animals with high energy levels, a wide array of engaging toys can help prevent boredom, chewing, excessive barking, and other undesired behaviors. Some new toys to start the fall season will excite your pet and give them something to enjoy into the winter. Consider buying interactive dog toys or cat puzzle toys that provide a fun challenge.

Wishing You a Wonderful Fall

The entire staff at Bayside Animal Hospital wishes you and your pets a great fall season, filled with plenty of relaxation and festive traditions. If you ever need pet care tips, autumn pet safety advice, or would like to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians, please don’t hesitate to contact us!