Pet health and wellness are our top priorities here at Bayside Animal Hospital, and pet safety is a necessary component of your pet’s health and wellness. Since it’s National Pet Safety and Prevention Month, we wanted to share some tips for keeping your pet safe, happy, and healthy all year long. Preventing problems and issues with your pet is the best way to ensure a long and healthy life for your furry family member!

Pet Dental Care

Did you know that an estimated 70 percent of cats and 80 percent of dogs over the age of three have periodontal disease? Much like us humans, a healthy mouth and clean teeth leads to better overall pet wellness. This includes the health and operation of many systems in the body and the internal organs. Since dental disease is preventable, it’s important to talk to your veterinarian about creating a tooth brushing and dental care routine for your pet.

Microchipping for Pets

Here at Bayside Animal Hospital, we’re huge advocates for microchipping your pets. Since we live in an area prone to storms and hurricanes, microchipping is essential to pet safety all year long. It only takes one storm to release your beloved pet into the world, and without a microchip with correctly updated contact information (microchip information must be updated annually), your pet may never be found. We’ve spent countless hours as part of post-hurricane efforts to reunite lost pets with their owners in Kemah, League City, Seabrook, and surrounding areas. A microchip provides us with your current phone number in just a few seconds and – voila! You and your pet can be reunited!

Pet Grooming

While grooming may not seem like a big deal, regular grooming is fundamental to your pet’s health. Not only will it help reduce the amount of hair and dander fluttering around your home, it’s also the time to inspect your pet’s skin and coat. Hopefully your pet is totally flea and tick-free, but just in case they become exposed to these or other parasites, you’ll be able to catch them right away. Routine pet grooming also enables you to see if they may be having any other issues such as dry, flaky skin, sores, or other matters that should be discussed with your veterinarian right away.

Pet Wellness Visits

We all know that yearly visits to the veterinarian are one of the best ways to ensure optimal pet safety, health, and wellness, but why is that the norm? Ourhead-to-tail animal inspections allow us to give your pet an in-depth checkup a few times a year, much like when you go to the doctor. As your pet begins to age, we will see beyond the regular signs of pet aging and will be able to find any larger issues that need to be addressed and improved.

Flea, Tick, and Heartworm Prevention

All parasites are harmful to pets, there’s no doubt about it. They carry disease and can shorten your pet’s life in no time at all. Preventive health is key when it comes to keeping pets safe, and with so many options available, there’s no reason not to keep these harmful bugs at bay. Ask your veterinarian about parasite prevention – and make sure to keep it current. We know it’s easy to forget, but nowadays there are convenient options that provide protection every few months instead of monthly or weekly.

Behavioral Training

While this one is often forgotten, training your pets is a huge aspect of their overall safety. A pet who isn’t trained can run out of open doors, away from you, and into the street. This exposes them to possible parasites and diseases from unprotected animals and the unpredictable actions of strangers, too! Being away from home is also scary for your pet and this fear may cause them to bolt, run further away from home, or even bite someone trying to help them.

Vaccinations, Spays, and Neutering As always, we recommend that your pet stay current and up-to-date with their vaccinations in order to protect them from diseases that could threaten their health. Keep pets safe by making sure they’re spayed or neutered to prevent certain types of cancers and tumors later in life, and help manage the pet
population. If you have any questions about these aspects of your pet’s safety, health, and wellness, be sure to ask your veterinarian during your next visit.


Looking for a local Texas veterinarian to put your pet’s safety, health, and longevity at the top of the list? Call your League City vet to learn more about our compassionate pet care and dedicated team. We look forward to hearing from you.