Pet therapy has a tremendous impact on people’s lives. The unconditional love and support of an animal can help people open up, heal, and make progress in areas of their lives that were once thought to be unreachable.

There are many different areas of focus when it comes to animal-assisted therapy. All of them share the core belief that animals have the ability to touch hearts and change lives. Here at Bayside Animal Hospital in Kemah, Texas, we believe that every animal can make a difference. While some pets are better-suited for placement as therapy pets than others, we value each pet individually and ensure their health is always a top priority.

The Role of Pet Therapy

In times of distress or emotional trauma, animal therapy can help people maintain a sense of peace and calm. Therapy dogs promote emotional stability and mental wellness, especially during harrowing and challenging times. These moments can be ones of severe anxiety, panic attacks, the onset of pain, and many more situations in which these pets have been trained to help address.

Pets and therapy animals help people in a variety of settings with different experiences that can occur at any time. From placement in hospital wards to schools, nursing homes, and prisons, animal-assisted therapy pets promote wellness, reduce specific types of pain, and build confidence. These amazing animals also and help people to feel safe and loved when they need it most.

Daily Life with Animal Assistance

service dog pet therapy

In many cases, animal-assisted therapy increases a person’s motivation to continue treatment or work toward a specific goal. In correctional facilities, animal therapy helps prisoners heal from their past and begin to develop a sense of purpose and capability.

When used in hospitals and nursing homes, therapy pets bring comfort to people by offering a calm, soothing presence, lifting spirits, and bringing smiles to patients, staff, and families. With a brighter spirit and a more positive outlook on life, people respond better to their current treatment.

The Benefits of Animal-Assisted Therapy

At Bayside, we believe that the benefits of loving an animal are infinite. The emotional and mental effects of welcoming a pet into our lives can be transformative and empowering, and we believe in sharing that sense of fulfillment and love with others through pet therapy.

Therapy dogs are valued members of society and have life-changing impacts on so many lives, starting with their owners. Taking care of your therapy dog is a step toward greater wellness for both yourself and your beloved pet. Not only do therapy dogs need routine wellness care, as with other pets. They also have an exceptional reason for them to live long and full lives.

As a local veterinary clinic, we want to actively support and participate in the lives and careers of active therapy animals. Service dogs and therapy pets serve vital roles in people’s lives. It’s a pet owner and veterinarian’s responsibility to ensure that therapy pet owners are well-educated and informed about the role of their pets’ therapeutic ability.

Can My Dog Become a Therapy Dog?

At Bayside Animal Hospital, we can help you learn more about animal therapy and help screen your dog’s temperament. We know your dog is an incredible source of light and happiness in your life. We would love to help you learn the ways you may be able to help share that gift with others.

Call us today to schedule your pet’s next appointment at Bayside. We can’t wait to see you and your furry friend.