5 Everyday Household Pet Toxins to Avoid

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Over 60 percent of people in the U.S. share their homes with a pet and have committed to making their fur baby’s wellness a top priority. Although pet homes may vary in climate or decor, most daily routines and necessities never change. From cooking and cleaning to health care and hobbies, our home environments are full of products that are potentially hazardous for our pets. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t carry on as usual. It simply means that we, as pet parents, have to take a little extra precaution when moving about daily life. Learn more about common household pet toxins and what to do if you suspect your furry friend comes into contact with one of them.


 New Year, New You: Healthy Habits for Pets

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks—here at Bayside, we don’t buy that for a minute! Start the new year off on the right foot (or paw) with a routine of tried-and-true healthy habits for pets and create the best New Year with your furry friends.

BONUS: Most of them are pretty healthy for you, too!


Adopt, Don’t Shop: 3 Philanthropic Reasons to Choose Pet Adoption

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‘Tis the season of thanks, gratitude, giving, and receiving! Whether you’re hoping for a fluff-filled holiday or are simply in the market for a new fur baby, the staff at Bayside are here to help you navigate and understand the pet adoption process and why you should consider adopting your next companion.

Shelter animals are typically more mature and well-cared for before they enter your home—think thorough exams and health checks! On top of that, adopting a local pet gives back to your community.


The Importance of Healthy Pet Weight Management

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Did you know that a healthy weight and balanced diet is just as significant for your fur babies as it is for you?!? Finding the right mixture of exercise and diet for your pet can be a process. Our Bayside Animal Hospital staff is here to help you understand the basics of healthy pet weight management. Learn about the risks of pet obesity, and discover a few of our tips for designing a nutritious, balanced diet for your favorite companion animal. Discover how to keep your pets well-nourished, active, and healthy with pet weight management tips.


How to Make Halloween Less Scary for Your Pets

While humans may have a blast during Halloween and the season, many of the spooktacular traditions and happenings can be scary–if not terrifying–for our pets. If you’ve never considered it, let’s ponder what scares our pets. Loud noises. Strangers. Strange, unfamiliar smells (like makeup, plastic costumes, decor, and candy). Creepy sounds. Screams, screeches, and bumps in the night. All of which Halloween is made of. We’re here this October with tips to help you make Halloween a lot less scary for your pets. While we people might enjoy the frights of the season, our goal as amazing pet parents is to ease any stress or anxiety for our fur babies. 


Pet Pain Management: Signs and Tips for Easing Pet Pain

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Like humans, pets can suffer from common types of pain, which fall into two main categories: acute and chronic. Within these categories, there are other, more specific types of pain your pet may also experience. However, pet owners often struggle to identify if their pet’s pain is acute or chronic since some of the more subtle signs overlap. Pet pain may also simply be due to your pet’s natural aging process—and that’s what we want to help pet parents identify. We’re here to provide the best pet pain management available.


What Is “Healthy” Sleep For Dogs?

We all know that sleep is important for human newborns, adolescents, and adults, but we don’t always adhere to strict sleep schedules for ourselves. Our pets’ schedules tend to follow the routines we create within our homes. But does a healthy sleep schedule even matter to man’s best friend? According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), it does!

Although your pup’s sleep pattern isn’t exactly like yours, quality sleep is just as important for their long-term health and well-being. Learn more about healthy sleep for dogs, if dogs dream, and when too much sleep may be a sign of bigger health complications.


Pet Care While you Vacation: Tips to Prepare Your Pets

The decision to add a cat, dog, or other pet to your household was a BIG one. And while our furry, feathery, and scaly companions do bring a new set of responsibilities, they don’t mean we never get a break. If you have dreams of traveling abroad, or locally, or just want a pet-free weekend getaway, these tips will help you prepare yourself and your pet(s) for the best vacation pet care.


 Summer Safety: Heat & Outdoor Tips for Pets

Summer is here, which means loads of time spent outdoors at the lake, camping, hiking, and enjoying a variety of summertime activities. And, if you’re anything like us, family fun usually includes fur babies!

Aside from ensuring your pet makes a springtime visit to see the friendly Bayside staff for routine pest prevention, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure they stay safe and healthy all summer long.


How to Create a Healthier Life for Your Pet

Healthy living–for pets and pet owners alike–isn’t just about diet and exercise. Creating the healthiest lifestyle includes meeting the physical and emotional needs of all parties. From preventative health to playtime, our Bayside staff has compiled some of their top recommendations to help you create a healthier life for your pet!