Navigating Hurricane Season with Pets

dog and cat staring at camera, being held by owners on each side of image

Hurricane season here in the Galveston Bay Area is June through November, with early fall being a highly active time. When Hurricane Katrina slammed into Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida, in 2005, experts believe that over 100,000 pets were stranded and approximately 110,000 died. Thankfully, we have learned a few valuable lessons since then about helping dogs, cats, and other pets survive hurricanes. There’s exponentially more support in place for pets in case of an emergency, as experts have created pet emergency plans. Our staff at Bayside Animal Hospital would like to pass on some helpful advice for being proactive about pet safety during a hurricane evacuation.


A Pet Owner’s Timeline for Hurricane Preparation

During hurricane season in Texas, your primary focus is protecting yourself and your family, and that includes your pets. Natural disasters can strike at any time, which is why hurricane prep should happen when the skies are still clear. Having your own hurricane preparedness kit will ensure that you and your loved ones have everything you need in case the power goes out or you need to evacuate. But do you know what you’ll do with your pet?


Microchipping Your Pet & Other Pet Emergency Prep

Most of us never anticipate emergencies, which is why it’s so important to prepare for them. Our pets are our best friends and it’s imperative that we plan to take them and their necessary emergency goods if we are forced to evacuate. Pet emergency prep should be a part of annual hurricane season preparation.