All About Pet Therapy and Animal-Assisted Therapy

Pet therapy has a tremendous impact on people’s lives. The unconditional love and support of an animal can help people open up, heal, and make progress in areas of their lives that were once thought to be unreachable.

There are many different areas of focus when it comes to animal-assisted therapy. All of them share the core belief that animals have the ability to touch hearts and change lives. Here at Bayside Animal Hospital in Kemah, Texas, we believe that every animal can make a difference. While some pets are better-suited for placement as therapy pets than others, we value each pet individually and ensure their health is always a top priority.


The Exciting World of Laser Therapy for Pets

pet laser therapy No pet parent wants their four-legged friends to suffer, and making sure they are receiving adequate pain relief and are being given the best possible chance at healing following an injury is an important part of pet ownership. At Bayside Animal Hospital, helping patients recover quickly, efficiently, and with as little pain as possible is important to us, too. Laser therapy is part of that equation.

Laser therapy for pets is growing in popularity as a safe and effective way to promote healing and reduce pain, and we are excited to share the news about this wonderful technology with our readers!

How Veterinary Laser Therapy Works

Lasers are essentially beams of light that travel at a specific frequency, which allows it to penetrate tissues. The light energy particles within the laser beam, called photons, are targeted at a wound, suture site, or painful/swollen area of the body. The photons are absorbed into the cells where they stimulate positive changes in the tissue, including: Continue…