Spring has arrived, and your dog is likely just as excited to get outdoors as you are. While the local weather is delightful year-round, spring in the Galveston area means the last of the cold has subsided, and everyone’s got spring fever. Here are a few ideas to get you started this spring with your dog, get outdoors, and have some fun in the sun.

Get Outside

brown and black dog outside in yellow spring flowers

Create a daily routine with your dog that provides him or her with at least 20 minutes of exercise and activity. This can be a walk, time in a local park, outdoor games like frisbee or fetch, or training time. You can add additional outside time by having your pooch hang out while you tidy up the yard or build a pet-safe garden.

Play Safe in Spring with Your Dog

senior dog enjoying summer sun and plants

Pets love exploring, especially in the spring when everything has renewed life. This includes plants–which are budding and popping out flowers and seeds. Remember that all these plants will entice your dog’s sensitive nose and sense of smell. Be aware of your pet at all times in the spring, and keep your pet from eating unknown plants. The sago palm, for example, scatters toxic berries and seeds on the ground, which dogs seem to love. The sago palm is toxic to pets, as well as other varieties of flowers including lilies, tulips, moss roses, and more. 

It’s essential to keep your dog on a leash, especially as you venture to new places and create new routines. It’s hard to tell what animals and plants might lurk, hide, or live in areas you may have frequented the previous season. Prevention is key when keeping your beloved puppy safe. 

Create an Updated Pet Exercise Routine

Our beloved pets thrive on routine, and that includes your dog. It’s okay to do some exploring at the beginning of spring to find your favorite new spots this year. Try the beach, a new dog walking route, or a dog park. But remember, new places, people, plants, and animals can cause anxiety and stress for your pet. Dogs much prefer an exercise routine that’s predictable. They like to go to the same places at the same time every day. Find a routine you both love and stick to it. Your dog will thank you.

Take Spring Pet Selfies

Dog mom taking a selfie with her dog in spring while hiking

Who doesn’t love a pet photo shoot? Find some beautiful places to take spring photos with your dog. You can bring the tripod, use the timer, and take the photos on your own–or enlist a friend to help. Enjoy the spring with your dog, the sunshine, and the present moment with your beloved furry friend. In a few months or years, you’ll look back at those springtime memories with your pet and be really glad you did. 

Get to Grooming & Parasite Prevention

big dog in tall grass and flowers in spring, safe with pet parasite prevention

Parasites pose a risk to your furry best friend year round, especially in warm climates like ours here in South Texas. If you lapsed in parasite prevention–including flea & tick preventatives, as well as heartworm–it’s time to get started again. Also keep up on your pet’s best grooming habits, which may include a trim at the groomer’s or regular baths and brushing to remove dirt and debris from your fur baby. 

Spring with Your Dog

If you need any advice about choosing pet parasite prevention, spring dog grooming, or you have other questions about spring with your dog–we’re always here for you. With caring hearts and educated minds, we’ve built a beloved community here in Kemah, Texas. We have a veterinary team we’re super proud of. Contact us via text, email, phone, our app, or online to schedule your pet’s next visit.