At Bayside Animal Hospital, we have been working extra hard to make pet care easier during the pandemic, for our clients and staff. We have accomplished this while striving to book as many appointments as we can safely. We’ve also taken extra measures to ensure pets and owners are greeted with a smile, even if it’s from behind a mask.

Discover some of the additional challenges of being a local veterinary clinic or animal hospital during COVID, as well as how COVID-19 has affected veterinary medicine. We hope this will provide a better understanding of how things have changed for us during the pandemic. Our goal is to do our best to work together to protect the health of your pets, you, and our local community.

Office Operations at Bayside Animal Hospital

cute brown puppy at the veterinarian

More than 11 million new pets have been adopted since COVID began. This is wonderful news–but has also created a significantly greater demand for veterinary care during COVID. Without additional staff or veterinary practices to meet this new demand.

To prioritize client and pet safety, we are following the CDC’s COVID-19 veterinary care guidelines. This includes always wearing masks, personal protective equipment (PPE), keeping pets and pet parents safe, and keeping the facility as clean as possible. At this time, we’re continuing with curbside service to ensure optimal safety and social distancing for everyone involved. Clients are instructed to park in front of the clinic and call us upon arrival. We’ll provide next steps on the phone, whether you’re there for an appointment or to pick up a curbside order. We do hope to have exam rooms open again in the future.

More Pet Health Resources Online

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We know how invaluable education is to pet safety and pet health. Part of our response to the increased demand for veterinary care during COVID-19 includes more educational content in our social media posts, as well as expanding our website to offer more information. Whether you’re a new puppy owner, kitten owner, or recently adopted a senior dog or cat, you and your furry friend deserve only the best. That’s why all of our information comes from our veterinary experts. Other veterinarians have also been producing more content online to help new educate pet owners and keep as many pets as safe and healthy as possible.

Telehealth for Pets

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Virtual check-ups aren’t just for humans. Veterinary medicine has gone digital in the last year and a half, too! Telemedicine now allows veterinarians to speak directly with owners in the comfort of their own homes, and provide helpful tips and suggestions. This ensures client safety while still providing the peace of mind and reliable care tips only your vet can give. 

It’s also a handy alternative for pet owners with skittish or fearful pets disturbed by visits to the vet. Additional telehealth services also include the ability to refill prescriptions online, purchase supplies through our online store, and arranging for curbside pick-up of pet products.

Patience and Kindness for Veterinary Staff

tiny puppy with his paws in human hands

Veterinary mental health is a serious topic of concern in the field, our office, and for all veterinary health care workers. Being a veterinarian during COVID-19 has increased stress rates tenfold. Many veterinary staff and doctors have found themselves struggling with the inability to help and serve animals the way they used to, due to increased workload and demand. At Bayside Animal Hospital, we strongly support the Not One More Vet mission, which is dedicated to improving and preserving veterinarian wellness through education and resources.

Because the pandemic affects everyone, we are united to stand as both a team for each other and our clients. If you have any questions about our coronavirus response or how office visits look different, feel free to reach out to us anytime by clicking here.