We’ve all heard the old wive’s tale that dogs have the “cleanest mouths.” But if you’ve ever met a dog, we’re sure you’ve questioned that more times than you can count. Every dog owner knows that their beloved pup will put almost anything in their mouth—from scavenged “food” finds and dirty toys to someone else’s waste. If you get our drift.

So, it would seem perfectly normal—natural even—that your dog would have a bad case of doggie breath, right? Wrong: Dog breath, while extremely common, can be a sign of larger oral health issues and may lead to more serious health complications as your pet ages.

Outside of regular, professional dog dental care, dog owners can turn to these vet-recommended preventative measures to keep their pup’s pearly whites clean and dog breath smelling oh-so fresh.

Regular Home Tooth Brushing

little dog with brush in his mouth, dog toothbrush reminder

Did you know: Dogs naturally have 600+ types of bacteria in their mouths? Most of them are zoonotic—meaning they can’t be transferred to humans. These naturally-occurring bacteria are joined by additional bacteria that our doggos pick up from their environments. Brushing your dog’s teeth regularly can help rid your pet’s mouth of harmful bacteria like those that can lead to periodontal disease.

Begin cleaning your puppy’s teeth at an early age to ease them into the process and teach them to enjoy tooth brushing. Weekly, if not daily, brushing may reduce how often your dog needs veterinary tooth cleanings. Ask our Bayside staff about choosing the best dog-friendly toothpaste for your home. This will ensure you avoid potentially toxic ingredients, like xylitol. Never use human toothpaste on dogs.

Consider Probiotics for Dogs

We know, it sounds a little crazy, but using pet probiotics can help keep your dog’s overall internal microbiome well-balanced. Then, your dog’s body will be able to battle harmful bacteria that lead to an upset tummy, diarrhea, and more. Some studies suggest dog probiotics may help fight nasty bacteria that may cause man’s best friend to have stinky dog breath.

Dental Treats & Teeth-Cleaning Toys

small black dog playing with toy

From KONG dental toys to edible Greenies and Dentastix, there are an array of doggie dental health products made specifically to help keep your pooch’s breath fresh. Get some designed to keep your dog’s mouth healthy. Not all are created equal, however, so be sure to ask a Bayside staff member about their favorite options for dogs of all sizes.

And don’t be shy: You’re always welcome (and encouraged) to browse our on-site selection of dental treats, chews, and toys!

Happy Pets = Happy Life

happy dog healthy teeth toy in mouth

Our goal at Bayside Animal Hospital is to keep your furry family members happy and healthy. When owners are proactive about their pet’s health, this makes our job easier and a lot more fun. Either way, we’ll be sure to check your dog’s teeth and gums to watch for early signs of dental disease and give you recommendations on how to keep your canine’s dental care a top priority.