Most of us never anticipate emergencies, which is why it’s so important to prepare for them. Our pets are our best friends and it’s imperative that we plan to take them and their necessary emergency goods if we are forced to evacuate. Pet emergency prep should be a part of annual hurricane season preparation.

Hurricane Season is Near

Starting June 1, hurricane season is back in full swing here in Texas. Any of us could easily find ourselves in an emergency situation at any moment. That’s why we suggest preparing everything you’ll need ahead of time for you and your furry friends–just in case. When devastating hurricanes and storms come through the area, many pets are typically left behind to fend for themselves or run away before their pet parents can catch them. Pets can easily escape when the weather goes wrong, as normal home and yard boundaries are wrecked by severe weather conditions.

Create an Emergency Evacuation Pet Kit

hurricane evacuation sign

During an emergency evacuation, it’s important to have everything your pet could possibly need handy and in one place. That’s the idea behind creating an emergency pet evacuation kit. Be sure to include your pet’s microchip information, medical records, adoption records, vaccination records, and your veterinarian’s phone number. It’s also important to include any pet medications and the contact information for additional pet emergency helplines such as Poison Control and your local Humane Society. Pack pet food for several weeks, small water and food bowls, a can opener, pet toys, and pet-friendly cleaning supplies. If creating your own pet evacuation kit seems to be too large of a task, there are many premade pet kits available online that will do just fine.

Get Your Hands on a Pet First Aid Kit

Pets can easily have injuries too, so a pet first aid kit should also be part of your pet emergency preparation. It’s different from a human first aid kit because human items can be toxic to them. The ASCPA suggests including absorbent gauze bandages, cotton swabs, adhesive tape, peroxide, small scissors, disposable gloves, liquid dish soap, tweezers, antibiotic ointment, an ice pack, towels, and saline eye solution. It’s important to be educated about items that are safe or harmful to your pets, especially in an emergency situation. Emergency pet first aid kits make pet any accidental situation a little bit easier and less stressful.

Microchip Your Pet

We always recommend microchipping your pet here at Bayside. In the case your pet escapes or gets away from you, a microchip is the best chance you have to recover them. Whether they’re found in your neighborhood or further away from home, a microchip contains your contact information and can help you recover your lost pet, even if they lose their collar and pet tag.

In an Emergency Situation

Dog sitting by suitcase during emergency evacuation

When an emergency situation arises, it’s important to be absolutely prepared, especially when it comes to your pets. While you may have a rehearsed procedure for your family and belongings, pets are family too. Make sure they’re microchipped and be sure to grab the emergency evacuation pet kit and the pet first aid kit when you leave. Have your pet’s best and strongest leash handy in case you need to evacuate quickly.

Pet Care at Bayside Animal Hospital

When your pet is need of emergency medical attention, Bayside Animal Hospital is here for you. If we’re unable to provide the emergency assistance you need, we’ll be sure to refer you to the nearest emergency center for pets.