It’s estimated that most pets over the age of three have some form of dental disease, which can easily impact their health and wellness. Just as our human dental health can impact bodily organs, tissues, and systems–pet dental health can affect their tiny bodies the same way.

Bacteria can spread from the mouth and gums through the body, causing the immune system to weaken. This makes your pet susceptible to other bacteria and viruses which can cause them harm and shorten their lives. We want your pet to live a long, healthy life, so here are a few simple ways we suggest managing pet dental health at home:

Brush Your Pet’s Teeth at Home

The first thing most veterinarians recommend–besides routine, professional dental care at the vet’s office–is brushing your pet’s teeth right at home. This task may sound easy, but many pet owners give up after a few tries. Training a pet to let you brush his or her teeth can be a time-consuming task, especially at first. Make sure to get a vet-approved toothpaste and toothbrush, take baby steps, and be patient with your pet. For more tips on brushing your dog’s teeth, be sure to check out this instructional video from VetVid.

Provide Pet Dental Treats

dog chewing on pet dental treat

Plenty of pet treats are designed with pet dental health in mind. Here at Bayside Animal Hospital, we suggest getting the very best pet treats for your furry friends, and the same goes for dental pet treats. Stay away from treats that aren’t high quality and contain not-so-healthy ingredients. We sell our favorite pet treats right here on site at Bayside Animal Hospital and the Bayside Bed & Biscuit (next door). 

Get Dental-Friendly Pet Toys

Dental-friendly pet toys do exist, and we’re all about them! Many pet toys are created with textures and ridges that also clean your pet’s teeth while they chew and play with them. These are great to have around the house for your pet, especially because they tend to be tougher than other chew toys. They’re designed for your pet to chew often and since they’re so durable and fun, they also help curb your pet’s urge to chew up other items around the house.

Also be sure to avoid toys that can harm your pet’s mouth in any way. Sharp edges can cut gums. Rope toys are fun for tug-of-war, but be careful to never pull too hard, as this can cause damage to the teeth.

Pet Food for Dental Health

If you’re really concerned about your pet’s dental health or your pet has dental issues, there are several varieties of food designed with pet dental health in mind. Tartar Diet (T/D) by Hill’s pet foods, for example, is said to have a scrubbing effect on tartar that builds up on your pet’s teeth. Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets also has a DH Dental Health Canine Formula, with a different formula for felines and dogs. Most of the pet foods for pet dental health can be purchased after getting a prescription from your veterinarian. Be sure to talk with us about these options during your pet’s next wellness visit if pet dental health is concern of yours.

Get Professional Pet Dental Care

While pet dental health may not be the top priority for most pet owners, getting your pet in to see the vet for regular dental cleaning and exams is a huge contributor to their overall health and wellness. You can get a pet vaccinated, micro-chipped, use pest prevention, and more–but if dental disease creeps up unnoticed and untreated, a pet’s’ health can decline very rapidly. Harsh bacteria and dental disease can lead to much larger health problems down the road and a decreased lifespan for your pets.

Your Pet’s Best Health

We want the very best life for your pets here in the Kemah area. Find many of the supplies suggested above for pet dental care right here at Bayside Animal Hospital or next door at the Bayside Bed & Biscuit’s Ship’s Store. Many pet dental health products can also be ordered and shipped right to your door from our Vetsource page, as long as you’re already a part of our Bayside family.