Dog exercise is just as important as human exercise. At Bayside Animal Hospital, we are always happy to help owners discover fun ways to connect with their pets through play. Puppy games can set your pup up for a lifetime of wellness, and they’re a blast to share together, too.

Here are a few of our top suggestions for games for puppies, as well as puppy exercise tips. It’s spring, the perfect time of year to get your puppy outdoors to enjoy some fresh air and learn some new ways to get puppy energy out.

Tug-of-War Puppy Game

puppy game two tan puppies playing tug of war with a rope for puppy exercise

Tug-of-war is one of the easiest puppy games to play, and it helps curb unwanted chewing while your puppy is teething. By playing tug-of-war correctly, you can teach your dog self-control and how to respond to the command “drop it.”

According to the American Kennel Club, puppy games are a fundamental part of training.

Puppy Exercise-Tips for Roughhousing Play

It’s adorable to watch puppies bark and wrestle with us, but there is a caveat. Roughhousing may be a fun puppy game when they’re small, but as dogs grow, they can cause unintentional harm. You’ll need to follow this guide on how to safely play with a puppy to prevent unwanted behavior in adulthood.

Fetch Puppy Games

black and white puppy playing fetch for puppy exercise

Puppy exercises that engage the dog’s mind and body are always great. Fetch is about so much more than retrieving. It teaches your dog positive reinforcement and shows them that when they return objects and follow commands, they receive rewards.

Below is a great video that will help you teach your puppy how to fetch.

Walking for Puppy Exercise

A puppy should take two short walks each day and add 5 minutes to their walk every month as they age. This means a 3-month-old puppy would go on two 15-minute walks every day. Continue this rule for adjusting the amount of your puppy exercise, until you hit 30 minutes to an hour each day.

Avoid any hikes, long walks, or jumping/racing with a puppy, as this can be too strenuous and hard on their little puppy bodies. They can also fall down stairs, tear a muscle, break bones, or rip their nails on adventures when they’re small. This video explains how to safely use puppy exercises to keep your dog’s energy in check and provides puppy safety tips.

Interactive Puppy Toys & Games

cute fuzzy puppy playing with puppy toy

In addition to games for puppies that you play together, there are also lots of interactive toys that are great for dog exercise. These toys are stimulating, mentally engaging, and help build discipline while offering opportunities for exercise.

Make sure that you thoroughly research dog toys for puppies before you buy them to ensure they are made with safe materials and don’t pose any health hazards to a puppy. This research is essential for avoiding choking hazards like squeaky toys or rawhide bones.

Keep Your Puppy Active This Spring

small puppy running to play game for exercise with owner in background

As spring brings greater opportunities to spend time outdoors, make sure you prioritize walks and playtime with your puppy. Just walking together is great for you both–mentally and physically! If you have any questions about the right type of exercise for your puppy, don’t hesitate to contact our specialized veterinary team at Bayside Animal Hospital.