The onset of COVID-19 has changed the way we live our daily lives, including activities and daily routines with our pets. With so much more time at home, you’re bound to have some extra cherished time for your pets. But what can you do to stay busy with your furry friend? Here are a few ideas to get you and your furry bestie having a great time together while quarantined during COVID-19.

Create a Pet Social Media Profile

Pets have some of the largest followings on social media. Whether you look on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, or your other favorite platform, pets are everywhere. Create a profile for your pet and share their cute, quirky personality with the world. Make pet videos, take photos of your pet throughout the day, and share them online. You can share daily pet activities, play dress-up, have your pet do tricks, and so much more. Be creative and have a blast with your pet during COVID-19, right from your living room. Follow other pets and connect via social media to really create a pet-loving community that’s all your own.

DIY Pet Toys & Treats

The internet is full of do-it-yourself projects for pets. While we always advocate for safety first, pet treats and toys can be easily made from items you have right at home. Always check the ingredients and directions to make sure that included items aren’t toxic to pets and don’t present a choking hazard. Many fun pet DIY projects can keep you busy with your pet during COVID-19, such as this DIY No-Sew Dog Toy or these Homemade Sweet Potato Dog Chew Treats. For cats, try making these No-Sew Cat Toys, DIY Cat Puzzles, or these Tuna Homemade Cat Treats.

Train Your Pet New Tricks

german shepherd balancing ball on his nose

Use your homemade pet treats to teach your pets new tricks at home during COVID-19. Training pets takes lots of time and patience, but since you’ve got the extra time at home, why not spend some of that time training your pets? Not only are tricks fun to show your friends and post on your pet’s social media account–they also provide an opportunity for you to bond with your pet. An additional perk: the time spent training and doing tricks with pets will also teach your pet to communicate with you more effectively. 

Play New Games with Your Pet

Pinterest, YouTube, and the internet, in general, are great resources when it comes to finding new games to play with your pet. From throwing a frisbee to creating a puzzle for your pet to solve to get a treat, the internet is full of pet games to play while quarantined at home. Try these Backyard Games to Play with your Dog or Fun Games to Play with your Cat.

Get Outside with your Pets During COVID-19

Social distancing doesn’t mean you have to stay home all the time. Get out and about with your pet and still avoid the coronavirus while enjoying nature. Grab the leash and get out to your favorite spots in nature, places where there aren’t other people around. Large parks can be great for this, as well as National Parks and Forests. Take a stroll on the beach, get outside, and decompress and relieve stress. If being out in public makes you uncomfortable, take a drive with your pet in these same places and roll down the window for some fresh air when nobody else is around. 

Take a Nap

cat napping on pillow in comfy bed

While napping isn’t the most exciting of activities, being stuck at home provides the opportunity to cuddle with your furry friend much more often. How many afternoons have you daydreamed of taking an afternoon nap at home? Live your dreams by taking a cozy midday nap with your pet and get some extra rest.

Pet-Friendly Online Shopping

Curl up next to your pet and do some web browsing for fun pet products, toys, or games. Support local businesses if you can–otherwise, the internet possibilities are endless. Check out some cute pet clothes for your pet’s new social media profile or peruse for pet toys, treats, and pet games galore!

Other Pet-Related Activities During COVID-19

  • Foster a shelter pet. Many local pet shelters need help caring for pets during the COVID-19 quarantine. Contact your local shelter and foster a pet or two. Foster pets can also give the kids someone to play with if they’re stuck at home, too.
  • Play pet dress-up. While it’s not even close to Halloween, dressing up pets and taking pictures can be so much fun, especially with the kids. 
  • Donate to your local pet shelters or favorite pet organizations, as COVID-19 is also impacting their business, income, and employees. 
  • Pet grooming at home–take the opportunity to groom your pet at home. Spend a little extra time on your pet’s coat, ears, nails, and teeth. Get tips from us in our Guide to Basic Pet Grooming

Reach Out to Us When you Need Us

We’re open for pet care needs during COVID-19, especially in the case of a pet emergency. While our processes and methods are shifting as needed to keep you, your pets, and our staff safe, we continue to maintain our high standards of pet care. As a part of our Bayside Animal Hospital community, we will always treat you and your pets like family. Please contact us if you need to schedule an appointment and order pet food, medications, and more from our website, which can be shipped right to your door. Stay safe and healthy, and our hearts are with you, your pets, and your families.