5 Everyday Household Pet Toxins to Avoid

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Over 60 percent of people in the U.S. share their homes with a pet and have committed to making their fur baby’s wellness a top priority. Although pet homes may vary in climate or decor, most daily routines and necessities never change. From cooking and cleaning to health care and hobbies, our home environments are full of products that are potentially hazardous for our pets. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t carry on as usual. It simply means that we, as pet parents, have to take a little extra precaution when moving about daily life. Learn more about common household pet toxins and what to do if you suspect your furry friend comes into contact with one of them.


 New Year, New You: Healthy Habits for Pets

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks—here at Bayside, we don’t buy that for a minute! Start the new year off on the right foot (or paw) with a routine of tried-and-true healthy habits for pets and create the best New Year with your furry friends.

BONUS: Most of them are pretty healthy for you, too!


Adopt, Don’t Shop: 3 Philanthropic Reasons to Choose Pet Adoption

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‘Tis the season of thanks, gratitude, giving, and receiving! Whether you’re hoping for a fluff-filled holiday or are simply in the market for a new fur baby, the staff at Bayside are here to help you navigate and understand the pet adoption process and why you should consider adopting your next companion.

Shelter animals are typically more mature and well-cared for before they enter your home—think thorough exams and health checks! On top of that, adopting a local pet gives back to your community.


The Importance of Healthy Pet Weight Management

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Did you know that a healthy weight and balanced diet is just as significant for your fur babies as it is for you?!? Finding the right mixture of exercise and diet for your pet can be a process. Our Bayside Animal Hospital staff is here to help you understand the basics of healthy pet weight management. Learn about the risks of pet obesity, and discover a few of our tips for designing a nutritious, balanced diet for your favorite companion animal. Discover how to keep your pets well-nourished, active, and healthy with pet weight management tips.


Kitten Games & Indoor Cat Activities

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Whether you’re a long-time cat owner or just bringing a kitten home for the first time, keeping your fur babies active and entertained is a top priority for ensuring their health and happiness—and, at times, your sanity. At Bayside Animal Hospital we encourage all our feline-loving clients to think outside the box when it comes to selecting kitten games, toys, and indoor cat activities to keep your cat playfully engaged.


The Stages of a Dog’s Life – Best Health & Wellness for Your Pup

Taking the best care of your dog during the course of his or her life takes planning and work, and includes preventing illness. This is a top goal of ours at Bayside Animal Hospital. We’re here to help you every step of the way and to help provide your pet with the best life possible. While some breeds live longer than others on average, the stages of every dog’s life will unfold in the same way. This guide is designed to provide your dog with preventative dog care for the absolute best in lifelong dog care.


Choosing the Best Treats for Training Your Pets

Positive reinforcement is one of the most effective ways to train your pets, and what better reward for your furry friends than tasty treats? Dog and pet training requires consistency, structure, and providing your pets with the incentive to work hard and perform well. We’re always here to offer the best pet training tips and advice to pet owners at Bayside Animal Hospital. We love helping them achieve the best results with their pets.

Our mindset is always pet wellness first. We’ve adopted a positive approach to pet training, which aligns with our goals and optimal pet mental health. A well-trained pet makes for a happy pet owner and a happy pet, too. We believe that pet training can be both fun and rewarding for owners and their pets. By choosing the best and healthiest pet training treats, you can ensure that every reward does good for your pet’s mind and body.


Training Your Pet Using a Clicker & Treats

Pet training helps you bond with your pet, protect their well-being, and look after their mental health. Clicker dog training gives your pooch a constructive outlet for their energy, as well as a brain workout that can decrease undesirable pet behaviors in a gentle, loving way.


The Absolute Best Pet Care when Bringing a New Pet Home

New pets are incredible additions to the family, and here at Bayside Animal Hospital, we want to help you provide your new cat or dog with the best care as you begin your life together. Caring for a new kitten or puppy’s health requires collaboration with a veterinarian you can trust, as they become your point of contact for all of your pet’s health and wellness needs. At Bayside Animal Hospital, we offer everything from routine wellness exams to emergency services, pet dental, and more. As you embark on a new journey with your pet, please use this short guide to cover all the bases when creating your new cat or dog’s healthcare plan.


Crate Training Your New Pet and Getting them into a Routine

When a new pet first comes home with you, it’s all about love and snuggles, toys and fun. But working your new pet into your everyday routine of work, errands, and all the things you’ve got going on in your life – well, that can be a bit more tricky. Here are some tips for crate training and getting your new pet into a happy and healthy routine at home: