5 Reasons for Year-Round Pet Parasite Prevention

pet parents hugging dog after parasite prevention

Pet parasite prevention should be of the utmost importance to a pet parent. Taking precautions throughout the year to prevent pet parasites will extend your pet’s health & longevity. Every pet deserves the best health care possible, including year-round pet parasite prevention. It’s much less expensive and risky to prevent a parasite problem than treating a pet infected by a parasite. The staff at Bayside Animal Hospital is here to provide the best information so you can protect your pet’s health. After all, pets are family, and we want them to live long, healthy lives by your side. 


5 Reasons to Order Pet Products Online from Your Vet

Buying pet products online is a convenient way to look after your pet’s health from the comfort of your own home. Many veterinarians have their own pet shops online, where they offer a variety of products from vet-approved distributors. Bayside Animal Hospital’s online pet supply store features everything you need to care for your four-legged friends. From pet medications to dental treatments, pet skincare products, supplements, food, and yummy, nutritious treats! Here are five benefits you can expect from choosing to shop online from your veterinarian–hopefully, that’s us!


What Pet Insurance Means for Your Pets and Family

Your pets are able to get pet insurance for their veterinary needs, the same way you have your health insurance to help pay for the costs of your medical treatment. Pet wellness and optimum health is more than just stopping by for annual check-ups and vaccines. It also means being prepared for any pet emergency or pet illness that might arise.


All About Pet Therapy and Animal-Assisted Therapy

Pet therapy has a tremendous impact on people’s lives. The unconditional love and support of an animal can help people open up, heal, and make progress in areas of their lives that were once thought to be unreachable.

There are many different areas of focus when it comes to animal-assisted therapy. All of them share the core belief that animals have the ability to touch hearts and change lives. Here at Bayside Animal Hospital in Kemah, Texas, we believe that every animal can make a difference. While some pets are better-suited for placement as therapy pets than others, we value each pet individually and ensure their health is always a top priority.


Preparing Your New Pet for their First Vet Visit

New pets need lots of love and care, and that includes taking them for their first visit to the veterinarian. While new fur babies–especially puppies and kittens–are typically healthy, young, and seem to be “just fine,” the truth is that it’s the preventative measures and working with your local vet that ensures that your pets will live long, healthy lives at your side. Here at Bayside Animal Hospital, we truly believe that bringing your pets in for annual veterinary visits is the way to go. In order to prepare your beloved pet for their first vet visit, here are our best tips for getting your new pet ready to see us for the first time: